Development of origin labelled producted

humanity, innovation and sustainability

An European Union concerted action QLK-2000-00593 financed by the fifth framework of the European Community for the research, technological development and demonstration activities (1998-2002)

The general aim of the Concerted Action DOLPHINS is to ease and strengthen exchanges of the scientific results of the researches conducted in European countries on origin labelled products (OLP). This has to be achieved by means of :

  • the setting-up of a network of scientists involved in research on OLPs,
  • the activation of dissemination instruments in order to meet the needs of citizens, policy-makers, researchers, firms and all the other operators involved in OLPs.

The scientific objectives for this concerted action are threefold :

  • to better understand the characteristics and the evolution of OLPs in the agro-food system, also by analysing the links and synergies between OLPs and local/global production and marketing systems, rural development with particular reference to employment in rural areas and consumers/citizens,
  • to provide tools for an assessment of public policies at various levels concerning PDO-PGI and other OLPs and the effects of legal protection, financial support and public promotional initiatives on production and marketing systems, competition policy, rural development, consumers/citizens' concerns and expectations,
  • to provide relevant recommendations to the EU in order to better prepare and support the negotiation process in the framework of the WTO Round regarding the protection and promotion of OLPs.


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