Interleges Award 2009 

Geographical Indications and Trademarks: Sinergies and Conflicts                                           


Strenghtening International Research on Geographical Indications: from Research foundation to consistent policy 

SINER-GI Final Conference, Geneva, 23-24 June 2008



SINER-GI_Geneva_Invitation letter


L'impact économique et territorial des Signes d'Identification de la Qualité et de l'Origine

Rapport IRQUALIM, Julien Frayssignes, September 2007

Rapport final IRQUALIM

Encouraging Collective Farmers Marketing Initiatives – Insights into the Strategies and Impacts of Farmers’ Collective Action

Final Conference, 8 May 2008, Brussels

COFAMI Conference Programme

New publication of SINER-GI results in a scientific review

Giraud G., 2008. Range and Limit of Geographical Indication Scheme: the Case of Basmati Rice from Punjab, Pakistan, /International Food and Agribusiness Management Review/, vol. 11, Issue 1, February, pp 51-76.

Les AOC dans le développement territorial. Le cas français des filières fromagères

Julien Frayssignes (INRA Toulouse), September 2007

PhD_leaflet Julien Frayssignes.pdf

Produits de Terroir. Comprendre et Agir

Laurence Bérard and Philippe Marchenay (CNRS), March 2007                                                           


From local food to localised food/De produits locaux à produits localisés     

Anthropology of Food, March 2007

Local Agro-Food Systems Network’s Third International Congress - “Food and Territories” ALTER 2006

October, 18th-21st, 2006, Baeza (Spain)
International University of Andalousia “Antonio Machado”.

Are Geographical Indications in favour of the Development ?

Open public conference organized by the SINER-GI project

Agropolis International, Montpellier, the 6th September 2006